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What is progynova 2mg?
Progynova 2 MG Tablet contains Estrogen as its vital ingredient. It is used in Hormone Therapy in women for treating symptoms related to Menopause, Bone Thinning, and Estrogen Deficiency. Besides, it gets prescribed for fighting certain types of breast cancer in women and Prostate cancer in males.
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Progynova 2mg pills description What are the crucial features of Progynova 2 MG Tablet?

Progynova 2 MG belongs to the Organic and Semi-Synthetic Estrogen Plain category. It comes as a Topical Cream, Transdermal Gel and Patches, as well as Spray. You will get it oral tablets and Vaginal insert as well. You will also find this medicine in the form of an injection that gets injected into the muscle directly. It is available in different combinations and as Hormonal Contraceptives. This pill used to treat fertility treatment and also used for ivf.

What is an active ingredient in Progynova 2 MG?

estradiol valerate

What are the uses Progynova 2 MG Tablet?

Doctors Prescribe this medicine for ladies who have reached the menopause stage. It works to prevent instances like hot flush, Vaginal Dryness, Night Sweats, as well as extreme mood swings. One of the key points about this drug is that it prevents bones from getting fragile and porous. It is one of the best medicines for treating Hypoestrogenism- a medical condition wherein a female ovary does not produce adequate Estrogen naturally.

There are instances, wherein a doctor may prescribe this drug for treating prostate cancer in men, and It comes within the portfolio of medicines for treating other types of cancer.

What are the benefits of taking progynova tablets 2mg?

The most significant benefit in this medicine is that it promotes the production of Estrogen in women whose ovary does not produce the female sex hormone naturally. Clinical Research and observation suggests that, when applied for treating Breast cancer, it has produced positive results in more than 97% of consumers.

Women appreciate the capacity of this drug to fight the adversities associated with Menopause. Firstly, it prevents extreme mood swings, thereby fighting Depression and sadism in women who have reached the Menopause phase. Thus, it contributes to escalating the quality of life.

Women stand vulnerable to bone thinning that takes a devastating toll on their health and well being. Progynova 2 MG produces the best possible result in these cases. It prevents the bone from getting fragile and porous, preventing bones from breaking down quickly. Thus, it keeps the consumer safe from the threats associated with wearing and tearing of the bones.

The best part about this medicine is that it prevents Hot Flushes and Vaginal dryness, thus, preventing the chances of Vaginal infection in women. It has produced beautiful results when prescribed for treating prostate cancer in men.

It is generally a safe medicine if taken in consultation with a physician, and the consumer complies with the guidelines set for the dose. To get the best benefit from this medicine, you should take this medicine regularly, for the span and the dosage, suggested by your physician. It will help you to escape the possible adversities, getting the best possible results.

Key points to know before you start taking Progynova 2 MG Tablet

  • You should not take this medicine if you are a breastfeeding mother. It is for the reason that this drug is likely to trigger toxic to the baby. 
  • Refrain from taking this medicine during the pregnancy phase as it is likely to hurt the unborn baby. You should take this medicine during pregnancy, only if your physician endorses. Self-Medication will produce the most devastating and irreversible conditions. 
  • Progynova is not suitable for individuals with liver troubles and Kidney problems. Your physician is likely to adjust dose adjustments if you still have to consume this medicine. 
  • It would help if you did not take alcohol while you are consuming this medicine. Alcohol may cause brutal intervention with this medicine, making things worst. 
  • Never dare to adventure with self-medication of this medicine. It is likely to produce some devastating outcome that is impossible to reverse at a later stage.

What is the dose of Progynova 2 MG Tablet?

It is swallowed orally with water, and you can take it on an empty stomach, or after a meal. However, it produces a better result if you take this pill at a fixed time daily. The duration and the dose get determined by the doctor. It would be best if you stuck to this guideline at all instances. While running the course of medication, never skip a dose. If you forget to take a dose, you should take medicine, as soon as you remember. It would help if you stopped taking this medicine abruptly or whimsically. Doing so, you are likely to face adverse impacts, and you will nullify the potency of this drug. If you are suffering side effects, and you wish to withdraw the consumption, please consult your doctor, before you stop taking medicine.

What are the Possible Side effects?

In the majority instances, the side effects triggered by this medicine are mild, and the body automatically adjusts to these impacts. However, you should seek adequate medical care, if you feel that the issues are persisting longer than usual. The most common side effects are

  • Mild-To-Severe Breast Pain 
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal Cramps that sometimes become intense 
  • Vomiting tendencies 
  • Bloating
  • Vaginal Spotting 
  • A Drop in the sexual drive 
  • Runny Nose and Nasal Congestion 
  • Darkening of the Facial skin 
  • Unsolicited hair growth 
  • Drastic weight gain or loss 
  • Temporary Hearing impairment 
  • Anxiety, Depression, and extreme Mood swings. 

What drugs affect Progynova 2 MG?

Various Vitamins and Herbal items are likely to intervene with this drug. As such, speak to your doctor if you are taking such medicines. Usually, this drug is affected by medications for treating HIV/AIDS and Thyroid-related diseases. Likewise, it is unsolicited that you take this tablet simultaneously with Saint John’s Weed.

Always consult your doctor before start taking this medicine. It will ensure that you are safe, and you get the best possible results. Self-Medication of this drug is undesirable at any instance for reasons whatsoever.

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How to store?

Store progynova 2mg medicines at room temperature , Keep away from heat and direct light. Don’t freeze drugs unless required by package insert. Keep away these pills from children and pets.


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